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Customer Responsibilities

Double Springs      
Utility District    

You are responsible for:

  • paying your bill by the due date;
  • letting us know before we must disconnect your service that you cannot pay all of your water bill;
  • protection of the domestic water supply to ensure drinking water does not become contaminated;
  • installing back flow prevention at your expense upon notification that a hazard exists;
  • preventing the cross connection of the water service provided by the system to any other source of water. No physical connections can be made by the customer to any other water distribution system or source other than that furnished by the system; pursuant to the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1986: TCA 68-221-701 to 68-221-720.

You have the right to:

  • Ask us to make an alternate pay arrangement if you are temporarily unable to pay your water bill. If you sign such an agreement with us, you give up your right to dispute the amount due under the agreement. If you do not fulfill the terms of the agreement, we may disconnect service and we will not offer you a new pay agreement before we disconnect service;
  • question whether a monthly bill is correct.

If you feel there is an error

  • If you feel one month’s bill is incorrect, please call the telephone number shown on the bill before the due date. You must take timely action. If you do not question one month’s bill within the required time period, we will conclude that you feel that month’s bill is correct.
  • If you feel a disconnection notice is in error, please call the telephone number listed on the bill or visit our office.
  • We will not disconnect service for nonpayment of the disputed portion of a bill while it is being reviewed. Your right to appeal will not expire if delay on our part makes it impossible to contact Double Springs within the required time period.

Reasons for discontinuing service

Double Springs is authorized to discontinue or refuse to supply water service without notice, if:

  • Double Springs finds that a hazard exists;
  • A customer’s use adversely affects supply or
  • There is evidence of tampering with metering equipment or unauthorized use.
  • A customer violates or fails to comply with Double Springs's rules and regulations;
  • A customer fails to fulfill contractual obligations;
  • A customer fails to provide reasonable access to Double Springs's equipment;
  • A customer has not paid a delinquent account;
  • A customer fails to pay appropriate service charge; or
  • A customer connects more than one dwelling to each meter

Paying Your Bill

Each month pay the amount due by the due date. After the due date, pay the amount due plus the late penalty.

Disconnection of Service

If your bill is past due or you do not pay required fees, Double Springs will do the following:

    1. Double Springs will mail you a written notice reminding you that your bill has not been paid. Your water service will be disconnected unless the past due balance is paid before the expiration date shown on the final notice.
    2. If your bill is past due or you do not pay required fees, Double Springs water service will be disconnected. If time permits, the Utility will attempt to send an automated phone call. The automated phone call is an extended courtesy; the bill is due without any further notice.

Medical Emergencies

Please notify Double Springs as soon as possible. Double Springs will delay disconnection of water service for 30 days if a physician, public health officer, or social service officer certifies in writing that discontinuing water service will worsen an existing medical emergency for you or another permanent resident of the premises where services are rendered. Please call Double Springs for full information. A prompt request is important. During the 30 day extension, payment of the bill must be guaranteed.

Reinstating Service

If water service is disconnected for nonpayment, here is how to have service restored:

    1. Pay the total amount due.
    2. Pay a reconnection charge.
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